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How to order

Go to our order page and click on [Add to Cart] which will take you to a form.

In the top box insert the website address you want us to create a sitemap for
and the email address you want us to send the pages to.

In the box marked 'Ordering Instructions' put any other information in you think we might need or if you wish a contact telephone number.

Click on the button 'Check Out' and fill out your address etc. in the 'billing' section and then click the box 'shipping'

Click 'Submit This Order',which will take you to PayPal to complete payment (usual credit cards etc. are accepted).

We are always happy to guide you through the process, just ask.

N O T E - yourownsite.whatever is just an example - replace with your own web address.

Let us make you one and put you on the map.

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